Air-Stirrup Ankle Support




  • Acute ankle distortion grade I, II & III,
  • Post-operative application,
  • Chronic ankle instability.


  • Semi-rigid
  • Anatomically designed shells for protection, comfort and the prevention of inversion/eversion
  • Patented Duplex aircell system to enhance circulation and reduce swelling
  • Pre-inflated aircells for easy application
  • Streamlined to fit in shoes
  • For early protected weight-bearing
  • Latex free



Size Guide

SizePatient HeightBrace Length
X-Small (paediatric)Small Children15 cm
SmallBelow 157 cm (5ft 2 inches)22 cm
Medium157- 167 cm (5ft2-5ft6 inches)23 cm
LargeAbove 162 cm (5ft4 inches)27 cm