Email Counselling



Email counselling involves typing your feelings, problems and concerns. Our fully qualified senior counsellor takes time to read and respond with an in-depth therapeutic reply. With email counselling you can take your time with what you want to say and write at a time which works for you. You can manage the exchange at your own pace and access your email reply whenever you like.

With email counselling you can send your email at any time of the day you like.


1 session: £30
3 sessions: £80
6 sessions: £150
9 sessions: £225
12 sessions: £300

Our clinical counsellor will spend at least 1 hour on your therapeutic response and use an encrypted email account. Once registered and payment has been made our counsellor will contact you with the email address to contact them.


Any therapeutic exchange will remain confidential and no content will be used for any other purpose. The only time confidentiality can be breached is if we are concerned about your own or someone else’s safety. We suggest using a private password protected computer and email address for our therapeutic exchanges.

As this is a professional relationship our counsellor is unable to accept friend requests on social media or other networking sites.