Ultrasling Quadrant




  • Post-operative immobilisation in 15° of abduction or greater for shoulder hemiarthroplasty, total shoulder replacement, shoulder reconstruction, superior labral repair and shoulder debridement, protocols involving stabilisation following fractures to the proximal humerus, elbow and forearm, Bankart procedures, rotator cuff repair, biceps tendon surgery, shoulder dislocation and elbow ligament and tendon procedures.


  • TempGuard™ cool to touch, anti-microbial material and optional padded shoulder strap for extended duration of use
  • Optimal versatility provides four angles of immobilisation in one brace; internal, external, abduction or adduction
  • ProTherapy™ a precision based system which allows the patient to flex and extend their arm, promoting therapeutic movement throughout recovery
  • Elbow opening to eliminate pressure on the olecranon bursa
  • Patient friendly, single handed application for patient compliance and optional shoulder strap

Sizing Guide

Waist circumference and required side.

Size Guide

86 – 135cm (34” – 53”)Right
86 – 135cm (34” – 53”)Left