Townsend Shoulder Sling



Suffering from an upper extremity injury is painful enough, but when you don’t have the correct support to immobilise and protect the area this can lead to further pain and re-injury. The Thuasne Townsend Shoulder Sling immobilises and protects your shoulder and arm so the injury heals properly.


  • The Thuasne Townsend can be used for the following conditions:
  • Upper extremity injury
  • Upper extremity surgery


  • Positional support and/or immobilisation following upper extremity injuries or surgery.
  • Breathable fabric sling
  • Universal (left or right arm) abduction pillow
  • Adjustable padded strap
  • Exercise ball
  • S/M or L/XL- Sizes from arm length measurements

Size Guide

Forearm length

Size Guide

Small/ MediumUp to 36cm
Large/ Extra LargeOver 36cm