Townsend Pediwalker Junior Walking Boot



When your child has undergone surgery on their foot or ankle, they will most likely have to cover the area to stabilise, support and protect it. The Thuasne Townsend PediWalker Junior Walker Boot is a fantastic alternative to traditional plaster casts and has a reinforced composite rocker bottom to ensure your child can maintain their natural gait.


  • Casting alternative for children
  • Designed with metal inserts, the Junior Walker Boot helps stabilise and support your child’s foot and ankle. The walker uses lightweight, conformable plastic uprights to ensure your child doesn’t tire too easily when they wear the support.


  • Durable alternative to casting for children
  • Lightweight, conformable plastic uprights
  • Has metal inserts for improved stability
  • Simple integrated strapping
  • Boot can be easy to apply
  • Reinforced composite rocker bottom
  • Bottom allows natural gait
  • Low profile and non-slip tread
  • Available in three sizes

Size Guide

Shoe Size

Size Guide

SmallChild Size 3 -6
MediumChild Size 7 -11
LargeChild Size 11 (Adult size 1.5)