Thuasne’s Sport Reinforced Ankle Support



Support and compression of injuries such as a sprain, and during the rehabilitation process of fractures post cast/boot is a great way to get the foot and ankles musculature back as it allows the commencement of activity whilst providing some of the support for the weakness in the ankle. This ankle support also helps reduce the likelihood of future injuries by providing proprioceptive awareness of poor ankle positioning through compressional forces in a natural anatomical ankle position

  • The elastic knit exerts uniform pressure on the joint and improves movement (the joint’s sensory perception). Comfort zone over the malleolus.
  • Mild ankle sprains in athletes. Commencement of sporting activities following ankle sprains and injuries (including after surgery).

Size Guide

SizeAnkle Circumference
Small19- 21 cm
Medium21- 23 cm
Large23- 25 cm
X-Large25- 27 cm
XX-Large27- 30cm