Thuasne’s Sport Neoprene Shoulder Strapping



Thuasne’s Neoprene shoulder strapping provides support to the shoulder by applying compression to the shoulder, helping to reduce shoulder weakness by supporting underlying injuries. The shoulder strap is held in place on the upper arm and shoulder through an underarm/across chest adjustable strap to further control the shoulder mobility into a more optimal anatomical position.

The Neoprene shoulder strapping allows a high range of mobility that doesn’t inhibit day to day or sport related tasks, whilst providing some of the structure and stability to the shoulder to help reduce the effects and likelihood of current and future injuries.

Thermal insulation: Neoprene.
Anatomical fit: Elastic knit coating.
Indications: Prevention of joint injuries and commencement of activities following the effects of injury.
Weakness of the shoulder joints.


Size Guide

SizeUpper arm Circumference
Small28- 31 cm
Medium32- 35 cm
Large36- 40 cm