The 'Julie' Bra





Sporty microfibre T-shirt bra

T-shirt bra made from a soft microfibre fabric and padded cup, giving you back your body image.
The cup design includes a breathable air foam layer, keeping you cool and dry.
A subtle diamond pattern on the cup adds that extra hint of fashion and charm.
The adjustable straps are gently padded.
Materials: 78% polyester, 15% elastane, 7% polyamide
Support: Medium
Bilateral Pockets: suitable for left, right or bilateral mastectomies, lumpectomies and reconstruction

Silima Range

Lingerie made by Silima offers all the advantages you could wish for in a bra.
Silima bras are fashionable and very feminine, yet still tailored to your needs.
The extensive collection of bras offers a choice ranging from elegant to classic or sporty, in fashionable colours and designs, one of which is bound to appeal to you. Suitable for every situation.
Carefully planned designs give you the reassurance that the breast form cannot slip out of place. Superbly comfortable thanks to innovative and highly functional details. Materials are skin-friendly and double- layered in places to ensure that neither the straps nor fastenings can cut into the skin and cause discomfort.

Bra Sizing

It is important you wear a bra that is exactly the right size for you. This guide will help you to measure your bra size correctly.

Measurement A: Your Bra Size With a bra on, measure around your body directly under the bustline. If the measurement is an odd number, add 5 inches. If it is even, add 4 inches. This is your bra size.
Measurement B: Your Cup Size With a bra on, measure the fullest part of your breast from your breastbone across your nipple to the centre of your back, and double that measurement. Subtract to the previous Measurement ‘A’ from this size.
1 inch remaining = A Cup, 2 inches remaining = B Cup, 3 Inches remaining = C Cup, 4 inches remaining = D Cup, 5 inches remaining = DD Cup and so on….)

Size Guide

Bra size 32 Bra size 34 Bra Size 36 Bra Size 38 Bra Size 40 Bra Size 42
AA   + + + + +
A + + + + +
B + + + + +
C + + + + +
D + + + +