Stomex Abdominal Support Belt



When you’ve undergone stoma surgery to divert the flow of faeces or urine, you might feel as though going about your normal routine is no longer possible. The Thuasne Stomex Abdominal Support Belt has been created to help support your abdomen following surgery, giving you the confidence to continue with your daily routine.


The Thuasne Stomex Support Belt has been designed for stoma patients who have undergone surgery and need abdominal support. The belt’s fabric can be cut to make room for drains and colostomy bags to pass through.


The Stomex Abdominal Support has a front zone made in ladder-proof fabric to allow drains and colostomy bags to pass through without the material disintegrating. The belt is also fitted anatomically, ensuring the device remains discreet yet secure throughout use.
The Stomex Abdominal Support Belt is designed for an anatomic fit, which means that the belt fits tightly against your mid-section without making you feel uncomfortable. This makes it as discreet as possible when worn under everyday clothes.
The Stomex Abdominal Support Belt and a Stoma Bag
The Stomex Abdominal Support Belt features a front zone in ladder-proof fabric, allowing drains and colostomy bags to be passed through once a hole is cut. Moreover, this belt helps to safeguard against leaks by further supporting the abdomen, and is ideal for those who have undergone stoma surgery and need support.

Size guide

The Stomex Abdominal Support has a height of 25cm, which means it easily protects your entire mid-section. The belt is available in four sizes, which makes it suitable for individuals with waist circumferences ranging from 60cm to 120cm.

Measure the circumference of your waist level to your navel and consult the measurement table.

Size Guide

Size 160 – 70cm
Size 271 – 85cm
Size 386 – 100cm
Size 4101 – 120cm