Sprystep Flex- Sprystep Dynamic AFO



  • The SpryStep Plus incorporates the SpryStep posterior lateral strut and trimmable forefoot design in an anterior Ground Reaction AFO.
  • The geometry provides excellent dynamic properties and optimized durability.


  • Foot drop
  • Wearkness in tibial muscles
  • Knee instability
  • Quad weakness


  • SpryStep is a complete range of Dynamic Ankle-Foot Orthosis that are lightweight, made of durable composite construction, and engineered with unique laminated characteristics to prevent fracture and breakage.
  • The material diversity offers flexibility and stiffness to enhance performance and patient comfort. The range is made from high performing composites and the low profile design maximizes patient comfort and functionality. The range is practitioner friendly and adjustable.
  • Ideal geometry combined with material selection and precise layup achieve outstanding durability and an elegant cosmetic finish.
  • The spiral strut applied to an anterior shell design provides effective dynamic reaction, especially noticeable on sloped surfaces.
  • The low-profile padding incorporates a recessedtibia crest relief zone.
  • The blue sides and toe of the SpryStep’s forefoot can be trimmed with scissors

Size guide


Size Guide

XSmall30cm21.5 – 24.5cm
Small32cm23 – 26cm
Medium34cm24.5 – 27.5cm
Large36cm26 – 29cm
XLarge38cm29 – 30.5cm