Smartspine TLSO



Thoracolumbar brace with pulley system, straightens the thoracic spine and activates muscular stabilisation.

Features and benefits:

  • Mechanical advantage pulley system
    • maximises abdominal compression with minimal pull force
  • One-hand pulley system
    • compresses and conforms to individual patient anatomy
  • Soft padded shoulder straps
    • for increased patient compliance
  • Tool-free linear thoracic adjustment with articulating sternal pads
    • quick and easy adjustment
  • Posterior cutout
    • relief for the spine
  • Removable lateral panels
    • degree of stabilisation adjustable in 2 stages


  • Thoracic back pain
  • Thoracic kyphosis without fused vertebrae
  • Stable thoracic compression fractures without neurological defects
  • Severe degeneration of the thoracic spine/ lumbar spine
  • Stable vertebral body fractures of the lumbar spine/ lower thoracic spine
  • Severe disc degeneration in the thoracic/ lumbar spine
  • Thoracic facet syndrome

Modes of action:

  • Straightens the thoracic spine and activates muscular stabilisation
  • Supports sensorimotor function
  • Relieves the thoracic and lumbar spine though active straightening and exterior stabilisation while increasing the intra-abdominal pressure
  • Helps relieve pain

Size Guide

Waist CircumferencePanel HeightSize
76.5 – 89 cm43cmSmall
89 – 101.5 cm43cmMedium
101.5 – 114.5 cm48.5cmLarge
114.5 – 127 cm48.5cmX-Large
127 – 140 cm48.5cmXX-Large