Smartspine Collar




  • Acute pain syndromes of the cervical spine
  • Cervical spine stenosis
  • Whiplash trauma of the cervical spine


  • Controls unwanted flexion, extension and rotation to promote spinal alignment
  • Immobilises the cervical spine


  • Scalloped contoured diffusion tabs with integral thoracic extension
  • Distribute pressure over a large area
  • Large trachea opening
  • Makes it possible to check the carotid pulse and perform minor tracheotomy
  • Removable foam liner
  • Increases patient comfort
  • Support for the back of the head reinforced with aluminium
  • Allows customised contouring of the cervical spine



Size Guide

Size- tip of chin to top of sternumNeck Height
Short5.5 cm
Normal7.5 cm
Long9.5 cm
Extra Long11.5 cm