Silima Soft and Light Elegance Breast Form



Our best-selling lightweight breast form

• Most popular triangular shape
• Silk-like skin feel
• Mimics the wearer’s natural rhythm and movement even when lying down.
• Moulds comfortably against the chest wall without exerting pressure on sensitive scar tissue.

Silima Breast Forms

SILIMA® breast forms are associated with a pleasant and natural feeling to make you feel safe and confident. Different versions are available to ensure the best possible solution for your personal situation. We work with medical experts to develop the anatomical shape of the breast forms and match them to the body‘s contours.
Nothing weighs heavily, constricts, or is visible under clothing. The matt, velvety surface was developed to resemble the natural feel of skin. The breast forms adapt well to the body and its natural movement. The materials are skin-friendly, easy to care for, and resistant to chlorine and salt water.
Worn with a special SILIMA® bra, these breast forms always create an aesthetic and harmonious entity. Your natural body image is recreated, right down to the last detail.

To get the finished look see our range of nipples that are sold separately.