SDO® Sensory Mini Hug




The Mini or Maxi Sensory Hug can be used as a treatment for sensory seeking individuals, with conditions such as:

  • Autism

The Sensory Hug is a garment made of Lycra® and OrthowrapTM. The Sensory Hug provides sensory and proprioceptive feedback through dynamic compression. Clinical evidence has demonstrated that deep pressure can reduce over activity and abnormal behavior patterns in individuals with sensory processing difficulties. However, providing consistent and continuous deep pressure is challenging and impractical, therefore, the Sensory Hug was designed and created.

How should the Sensory Hug be used?

The Sensory Hug can be worn under or over everyday clothes, whilst providing support and allowing full movement. It can be worn to help with routine or specific activities according to the needs of the wearer.

Sensory Hug benefits:

The Sensory Hug improves an individual’s quality of life by helping to:

• Increase attentiveness and concentration
• Increase body awareness and stability
• Manage sensory seeking behaviours
• Improve effective daily functioning
• Calm and comfort the wearer
• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Improve coping ability
• Improve restlessness

Available in a range of colours:

Sensory Hug Fitting Information.

Sensory Hug Product Brochure.

Size Guide

Measurement required around the chest at  the level of axilla (armpits).

SIZE Style Chest Circ.
Small Mini Hug 34 – 49 cm
Medium Mini Hug 49 – 64 cm
Large Mini Hug 64 – 79 cm