S.O.T Thumb Orthosis




The S.O.T Thumb Orthosis is a completely new anatomically shaped orthosis for thumb and palm.
The orthosis is designed to restrict movements in carpometacarpal (CMC) and metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joints, support the hand’s arch and position the thumb’s joints and muscles in a comfortable and desirable resting position. To avoid overstretched ligaments that can lead to subluxation in the joint.


  • Osteoarthritis*
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Adduction contracture of the thumb
  • Overload injury of the CMC joint.


  • The orthosis has an adjustable aluminium core that can easily be shaped to fit individual anatomy.
  • The orthosis can be adjusted as the contracture changes.
  • The orthosis can be machine washed with the cover attached at 40oC.
  • The smooth design makes it an excellent alternative to custom made thumb orthosis.
  • Can be utilised with other wrist supports and braces when necessary
For more information – Page 7 for the English version
Fitting and additional support


Ordered as a left or right in sizes Small – Large, see fitting guide.

Comes with a cover


As with all of our supports and braces we recommend a gradual wearing in period to improve your comfort as you get used to the orthosis. If you have any further questions please contact us on 07751 370949, or email one of our clinicians at enquires@totalbodyorthotics.com.

Size Guide

Size Width from little finger to first finger Length from top of middle finger to wrist
Small 7.5 cm and below 18.5 cm and below
Medium 8.5 cm and below 20 cm and below
Large 9 cm and below 21 cm and below