Pressure Ulcer Management and Prevention Training


Total Body Orthotics delivers a 2 hour pressure ulcer management and prevention training course to anyone who is over 16 and may need knowledge on how to prevent pressure ulcers. Our sessions can be delivered in a group or one to one basis and a location and time to suit you and your employees. We currently provide this service across Stafford and surrounding areas.

Our trainer, Kate White was previously an experienced Tissue Viability Clinical Nurse Specialist before she started working for Total Body Orthotics as our clinical development director. She brings with her years of clinical tissue viability experience and years of delivering the pressure ulcer management and prevention training for the NHS.

The course is designed for anybody who is caring for someone who may be at risk of developing a pressure ulcer.

All patient’s are at risk of developing a pressure ulcer however those with reduced mobility, long term health conditions, poor posture/deformity, incontinence, impaired nutrition and those using equipment not designed to provide pressure relief are at greater risk. Interventions for pressure ulcer prevention are required in a wide range of settings including community and secondary care. Recommendations for prevention include methods for identification and risk assessment and the preventive measures that should be applied.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) states that all healthcare professionals, care establishments and carers involved in preventing, assessing, caring for and treating people with pressure ulcers should have sufficient and appropriate training and competencies to deliver the actions and interventions described in the NICE guidelines for pressure ulcer prevention.

The training is designed to teach how to prevent pressure ulcers, including;
- who is most likely to be at risk of developing a pressure ulcer
- how to identify pressure damage
- what steps to take to prevent new or further pressure damage
- who to contact for further information and for further action.

The training is also for staff who have contact with anyone who has been assessed as being at high risk of developing a pressure ulcer. Training includes:
- how to carry out a risk and skin assessment
- how to reposition
- information on pressure redistributing devices
- discussion of pressure ulcer prevention with patients and their carers
- details of sources of advice and support.


The price of training is dependent on the number of candidates in the group so please contact us for a quote.