Physioworx Latex Free Band 1.2m



Rehabilitation, strength training and conditioning, latex free, cost effective. 

Resistance band therapy is the most commonly prescribed exercise for rehabilitation, conditioning and strength training. They provide a graded amount of resistance to movement depending on their elasticity.
The Physioworx latex resistance bands are available in 7 levels of resistance to suit people of all ages and fitness levels meaning that exercise options are unlimited.
Indications for use:
The resistance provided by a latex free band is ideal for targeting and working specific muscle groups and tendons during rehabilitation and sports training.
Product Features and Benefits:
  • Application versatility.
  • Latex free.
  • Hygienic and reusable.
  • 7 levels of resistance.
  • Width: 15cm.
  • Latex-Free resistance bands offer the performance benefits of natural rubber but without the associated allergy risks of latex.
  • Excellent for upper and lower body therapy.
  • Reliable and effective – a great way to improve strength and range of motion.
  • Progressive resistance training.
  • Suitable for use in many different settings ranging from clinics, gyms and home settings.
  • Hygienic and disinfectable.

1.2m Length

Size Guide

1.2m Length

Yellow – Extra Light

Green – Light

Red – Medium

Blue – Heavy

Extra Heavy – Black

XX Heavy – Grey