PDC Neck Brace




Immobilising your neck after an injury is integral, particularly if you need to stabilise the area and you aren’t supposed to move it too much.

The Thuasne PDC Neck Brace provides your neck with total or partial immobilisation according to your needs. The support can either immobilise the whole of your neck or provide right or left unilateral immobilisation.


Full immobilisation or left/right unilateral immobilisation

Neck brace for total or partial immobilisation

Anatomical shape with soft, rounded edges

Can be used for dynamic flexion therapy

Thuasne’s PDC Brace has been designed with an anatomical shape to ensure it remains comfortable against you skin while providing you with sufficient support. The brace also has rounded edges so it doesn’t dig into your skin, ensuring you remain at ease yet stable throughout.

The Thuasne PDC Support can be used for dynamic flexion therapy. This can help you strengthen your neck and is particularly useful after an injury or condition. As the brace can be used for partial immobilisation, it’s suitable for use throughout the healing process; first to fully immobilise your neck, and then to partly immobilise your neck when you’re ready.

Size guide


Size Guide

Small32 – 37cm
Medium36 – 41cm
Large40 – 45cm
XLarge44 – 49cm