Patella Pro Knee Support




  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Chondropathy patellae
  • Chondromalacia patellae
  • Patellofemoral malalignment
  • Following patellar dislocation/subluxation
  • After patellar tendon injury
  • Anterior knee pain after knee surgery, (e.g. total knee replacement, lateral release surgery)


  • Dynamically realigns the patella at the relevant flexion angle
  • Reduces patellar lateralisation
  • Relieves pressure on the patella
  • Relieves the knee and activates musculature
  • Improves proprioception
  • Supports sensorimotor function
  • Promotes the reduction of oedemas and haematomas
  • Can relieve pain


  • Wide aluminium splints and polycentric joints
  • Moderate stability of the knee with movement limitation in extension and flexion
  • Click-2-Go system
  • Extension and flexion limits easy to adjust without tools
  • Innovative TriTech material
  • High level of wearer comfort, secure fit
  • Four inelastic, circular, circumferential straps
  • Optimum fit and stronger support
  • Concealed joint bars
  • Suitable for contact sports
  • Suitable for either leg


Size Guide

SizeLower leg circumference (15 cm below knee)Thigh circumference (15 cm above knee)
X-Small32-35 cm40-44 cm
Small35-38 cm44-48 cm
Medium38-41 cm48-52 cm
Large41-44 cm52-56 cm
X-Large44-48 cm56-61 cm
XX-Large48-52 cm61-65 cm