Ortel C3 Rigid Cervical Collar





Injuries to your cervical spine can cause pain and discomfort that can’t be ignored. The Thuasne Ortel C3 Rigid Cervical Collar provides your neck with firm support to help relieve instability and therefore reduce pain. Unlike other supports, the Ortel C3 Collar is anatomically designed and has a soft padded edge for areas in contact with your skin to¬†provide you with the utmost comfort.


  • Provides reinforced support of cervical spine
  • Has a rigid, perforated polyethylene structure
  • Padding on edges in contact with skin for improved comfort
  • Perforations for better aeration and comfort
  • Supports your chin
  • Stylish back with navy blue edge
  • Adjustable height from 9 – 13cm
  • Precise and quick morphological Velcro adjustment
  • Support is x-ray transparent
  • Available in three different sizes

Size guide

The Thuasne Ortel C3 Rigid Cervical Collar is available in three sizes. To find out which size is suitable for you, measure the circumference of your neck with your head upright.


Size Guide

Size Neck Circumference
1 28- 33 cm
2 34- 39 cm
3 40- 46 cm