MalleoLoc Ankle Support





  • Early functional / non-surgical treatment for capsular ligament injuries in the ankle and bifurcate ligament injuries (e. g. after sprained ankle and ligament rupture)
  • Post-operative protection after ligamental suturing / reconstruction
  • Chronic ligament insufficiency
  • Relapse prevention


  • High degree of stabilization provided by a medial and lateral plastic shell.
  • Anatomical shape conforms to the outside edge of the foot to counteract supination, even without a shoe, and is also functionally effective.
  • Special anti-fatigue cushion ensures excellent wearing comfort.
  • The neuromuscular effect of the plantar guide promotes the activation of the tibialis anterior muscles and thus counteracts supination.
  • The Velcro strap system, wound in a figure of eight pattern, ensures that it is quick and easy to put on and guarantees extra comfort.

Mode of Action

  • The orthosis stabilizes the foot and protects against lateral twisting without significantly obstructingnormal heel-to-toe movement.
  • MalleoLoc is positioned anterolaterally and medially on the joint to counteract talar shift without restricting freedom of movement in the plantar flexion.
  • The strap system allows the degree of immobilization to be continuously adjusted.
  • The plantar guide helps to create neuromuscular effects and thus actively stabilizes the ankle joint through the muscles.



Size Guide

SizeHeel Width
1 (normal)Below 6 cm
2 (wide)Above 6 cm