Malleo Tristep Ankle Support



Falling or twisting the ankle, often during sports, can cause ligament injuries. An operation followed by several weeks of immobilisation used to be unavoidable in many cases. With modern orthoses such as the Malleo TriStep multi-function orthosis, an operation is often not required. Bearing weight and moving the foot is possible more quickly as well. What’s more, the structure of the Malleo TriStep allows the orthosis to be adapted to the three different phases of healing. The ankle is specifically stabilised following an acute injury. Later the foot can be gradually accustomed to movements. All of this is accomplished with just one orthosis, which can be adapted to the respective phase in a few simple steps.

The Malleo TriStep was developed in cooperation with renowned orthopaedic specialists, sports physicians, biomechanics, therapists and orthopaedic technicians.


  • Acute ankle injuries
  • Acute and chronic capsular ligament instability
  • Inflammatory joint diseases
  • Degenerative ankle ailment
  • Rehabilitation after ankle surgery
  • Medial ligament rupture


  • Stabilises and supports the ankle, adapted to healing
  • Protects against inversion/eversion
  • Can reduce recurrent injuries


  • Three-phase fitting concept
  • Specific adaptation of stabilisation and support for mobilisation during the course of therapy
  • Stabilising elements adapt to the individual anatomy
  • Custom fit and high level of wearer comfort
  • Auto-adaptive foot shell
  • Limits supination as well as plantar flexion and provides stability, especially in critical phases such as during sleep or in the acute phase
  • Orthotic design
  • Components can be added or removed without the use of tools in a few steps

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