Malleo Neurexa Pro Foot Ankle Orthosis





  • Can be worn barefoot as well as with shoes
  • Flexible
  • Dynamic pronation strap
  • Corrects supination
  • Can be used as both a day or night splint
  • Prevents contractures


Suitable for drop foot, particularly that associated with acute supination of the foot due to spasticity e.g.:

  • following as stroke
  • traumatic brain injury
  • with multiple sclerosis
  • neuromuscular atrophy
  • isolated peroneal paralysis


  • Thermoplastic ankle foot orthosis for the treatment of patients with an acute supination position of the foot and/or with the beginnings of emerging spasticity
  • The support provided by the closure straps, combined with the elastic pronation strap provides effective correction, even with acute hypertonicity in the calf muscles
  • The elastic strap can yield to the pressure when spasticity occurs and, after relaxation, continues to hold the foot in a neutral position

Size Guide

Size Shoe Size
Small 35-37
Medium 37-39
Large 39-41
X-Large 41-44