Malleo Dynastab Ankle Brace




  • A Premium Laced Ankle Brace providing a high level of support.
  • Conditions product can be used for:
  • Mild to moderate sprain
  • Resumption of sporting activity e.g. basketball, volleyball, handball etc…


  • Precise lace-up tightening
  • Wide opening offers easy application and removal
  • Resistant and comfortable lightweight metal reinforcements
  • Figure 8 strapping system provides additional lateral reinforcement
  • Lightweight and comfortable antibacterial-treated 3D knit for effective moisture-wicking
  • Slim low-profile design allows the brace to be worn in most types of shoes
  • Optimum comfort- Anatomic design features micro-aerated 3D fabric
  • Maximum stabilization-Light, comfortable and strong metallic splint
  • Low profile- Streamlined design (enables brace to be worn in any type of shoe)



Size Guide

SizeAnkle Circumference
119-22 cm
222-26 cm
326-30 cm

Suitable for left or right foot