Long Thumb Spica With Boa





  • Primary stabilisation for the first metacarpalphalangeal joint and first carpometacarpal joints
  • A secondary support for the radiocarpal and radioulnar wrist joints.
  • Provides stability for injuries to the base of the thumb, such as Bennett’s or Rolando’s fractures.
  • Useful for navicular (scaphoid) fractures,
  • Injuries or
  • Arthritis involving the trapezium or trapezoid bones of the wrist.


  • Trim or adjust the thumb section to allow better flexion



Size Guide

Size Hand Circumference
XX-Small 16.5-18.5 cm
X-Small 18.5-20 cm
Small 20-23 cm
Medium 23-25.5 cm
Large 25.5-28 cm
X-Large above 28 cm