Long Thumb Spica II With Boa





  • Stabilisation to the thumb in adduction
  • Metacarpophalangeal joint, carpometacarpal joint, distal radius, distal ulna and conditions where immobilisation of the wrist in the sagittal and frontal plane is required.
  • May be used pre-operative, post-operative, post-traumatic
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.


  • Increased forearm length for better immobilisation and a Velcro release tab allows the brace to open more fully
  • Adjustable thumb strap provides better immobilisation



Size Guide

Size Hand Circumference
X-Small 18.5- 20 cm
Small 20- 23 cm
Medium 23- 25.5 cm
Large 25.5- 28 cm
X-Large Above 28 cm