Lombaskin Back Brace




Low back pain can be extremely difficult to deal with, particularly if you’re usually an active person. The Thuasne Lombaskin Lumbar Support is designed to support the lower lumbar area to reduce pain and instability. The Lombaskin offers you excellent support with its four anatomical dorsal stays and an additional two flexible stays around the delicate abdominal area.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Discreet, lightweight lumbar belt
  • Ideal for those looking for a discreet back brace
  • Seamless design provides a second skin effect
  • Can be worn all day long as a result of its Combitex fabric
  • Has four anatomical stays in posterior part
  • Has two flexible stays in abdominal section
  • Can be machine washed at 30°C
  • Available in two different heights and five different sizes

Indications for the Thuasne Lombaskin

The Lombaskin Brace is suitable for the following conditions:

  • Common low back pain
  • First painful episode
  • Moderate activity
  • Moderate pain
  • Recurrent low back pain

Unrivalled Comfort

As well as sturdy support, the Lombaskin Lumbar Brace offers unrivalled comfort to the user. Designed with finesse, the support has no seams that come into contact with your skin, making it feel almost like a second skin.

The support is also ideal as a discreet back brace as it’s thin while still remaining effective. This allows you to wear it underneath your clothes as you go about your normal routine.

Sizing of the Lombaskin Support

Thuasne’s Lombaskin Support is available in two different heights: short (21cm) and long (26cm). The support is also supplied in one of five different sizes. To find out which will fit you best, measure the circumference of your waist and check the table below.


Size Guide

Size Waist circumference
0 60-70 cm
1 71-86 cm
2 87-102 cm
3 103-121 cm
4 122-140 cm