Ligaflex Junior Clavical Straps



Clavicle fractures are all too common and affect a number of people, including children. The Thuasne Ligaflex Clavicular Straps have been designed to support your child’s clavicle and the surrounding area following a fracture to speed up their recovery. Its straps can also be used for correcting postural problems as they help immobilise the upper back.


  • Thuasne’s Junior Clavicular Straps can be used for the following:
  • Clavicle fracture
  • Secure immobilisation


  • Trimmable straps accommodate child’s size
  • Helps immobilise your child’s clavicle after sustaining a fracture
  • Straps provide secure immobilisation
  • Pad helps protect child against chafing or irritation
  • Ideal for treating clavicle fractures and postural problems
  • Fastens with articulating buckles for ease of use
  • Articulating buckles for an anatomical fit
  • Buckles provide a custom fit
  • Dorsal foam anchoring pad for optimal comfort
  • Available in one size to fit most children

Size guide

As the Ligaflex Junior Clavicular Support has a cutting system that allows you to cut the straps to size, this ensures your child’s clavicle is immobilised securely. The brace’s Velcro fitting system also makes the support more secure and adjustable, and can be fitted easily. As the straps have been created with articulating buckles, it also fits to your child’s anatomy to ensure the product remains as effective as possible.

The Ligaflex Clavicular Straps are available in one universal size and fit a shoulder width of 34cm or under. This means that the support will fit most children. As the straps can be trimmed down to size, they can be adjusted according to your child’s needs.