Ligaflex Clavicular Straps



Clavicle fractures are all too common and affect a number of people, from athletes to the elderly. The Thuasne Ligaflex Clavicular Straps have been designed to support your clavicle and the surrounding area following a fracture to speed up your recovery. Its straps can also be used for correcting postural problems as it helps immobilise your upper back.


  • Thuasne’s Clavicular Straps can be used for the following conditions:
  • Clavicle fracture
  • Secure immobilisation


  • Trimable straps accommodate patient’s size
  • Articulating buckles provide anatomical and custom fit for each patient
  • Dorsal foam anchoring pad provides optimal comfort
  • Clavicular straps provide secure immobilisation
  • Helps immobilise your clavicle after sustaining a fracture
  • Pad helps protect you against chafing or irritation
  • Ideal for treating clavicle fractures and postural problems
  • Fastens with a articulating buckles for ease of use
  • Buckles allow for an anatomical fit
  • Can easily be worn underneath your clothes
  • Velcro fitting system is adjustable and secure
  • Available in one universal size to fit most users

Size guide

Universal size- Shoulder Width > – 13 1/2 inch