Ligacast Junior Ankle Brace



If your child suffers from instability in their ankle, this can make you worry. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution; the Thuasne Ligacast Junior Ankle Brace has two rigid side shells to stabilise and support the joint. The brace also has foam inserts so your child remains comfortable throughout use.


  • Ankle Instability


  • Two rigid side shells deliver firm support
  • Height-adjustable heel strap
  • Strap accommodates child’s anatomy
  • Height adjustable so can be used over long period of time
  • Comfortable foam inserts cushion your child’s ankle
  • Stylish white and blue design
  • Precise Velcro adjustment of straps
  • Straps allow the support to be tightened
  • Available in one universal size to fit most children

Size guide

  • Universal size for children under 140cm