Infinity Double Air Walker Low Walking Boot





  • Distal fibula fractures
  • Stable forefoot, metatarsus and/or ankle fractures
  • Exostosis treatment for hallux valgus
  • Soft tissue injuries of the foot


  • Immobilises the foot/ankle area
  • Promotes the reduction of oedemas and haematomas with targeted compression


  • Two fully integrated air pumps
  • The medial and lateral air cushions can be inflated separately for individual adaptation to patient needs
  • Air cushions attached to the socket
  • Washable liner
  • Closed frame construction
  • Offers sufficient functional stability
  • Rollover sole
  • Ensures a smooth, physiological gait pattern
  • Non-slip sole for safety when walking
  • Wide foot-bed
  • Accommodates swelling and dressings

Can be used for either left or right foot


Size Guide

Size Shoe Size Height
Small Below 34 23 cm
Medium 35- 38 25 cm
Large 39-42 26 cm
X-Large 43- 46 30cm