Infinity Air Walker Low Walking Boot




Distal fibula fractures
Stable forefoot, metatarsus and/or ankle fractures
Exostosis treatment for hallux valgus
Soft tissue injuries of the foot


Immobilises the foot/ankle area
Promotes the reduction of oedemas and haematomas with targeted compression
Fully integrated air pump
Tool-free adjustment provides the desired level of compression and stability
Anti-shock sole
Protects the joints and enhances wearer comfort
Closed frame construction
Offers sufficient functional stability
Wide foot-bed
Offers room for swelling and bandages
Toe protector
Protects against frontal impacts Breathable structure
Permits air circulation to the liner and promotes patient comfort Slatted socket design
Prevents pressure sores on the thigh

Size guide
Shoe size

Small36 – 38
Medium39 – 42
Large43 – 46