Immo Classic Shoulder & Elbow Immobilizer



Suffering from an injury to the shoulder or elbow can cause a great deal of pain and if you’re advised to immobilise the area, not doing so will usually make the condition worse. The Thuasne Immo Classic Shoulder and Elbow Immobiliser has a stabilising sleeve to effectively immobilise the elbow and shoulder so you can recover from your injury quickly.


  • Acromioclavicular dislocation
  • Glenohumeral dislocation
  • Humeral head fracture
  • Immobilisation of the shoulder and elbow
  • Rotator cuff injury without surgery
  • Scapula fracture
  • Trauma to the shoulder and elbow


  • Provides immobilisation of the elbow
  • Adjustable protective foam pads allow for optimal shoulder and neck comfort
  • Additional adjustable strap and abdominal strap for patient comfort and ease of use



Size Guide

SizeHip Circumference
150-71 cm
272-94 cm
395-117 cm
4118-140 cm