Genutrain A3 Knee Support





  • Knee irritation, particularly in the case of osteoarthritis of the knee and arthritis (chronic, posttraumatic, and post-operative, ligament insertion degeneration and tendomyopathy)
  • Knee pain with functional instability due to general muscular imbalance
  • Recurrent joint effusion
  • Prevention / relapse prevention
  • Patellar lateralization


  • Train knit design: particularly stretchy, breathable and moisture wicking for excellent wearing comfort especially behind the knee.
  • The special pad shape covers typical pain areas and important receptor zones of the knee joint.
  • In addition, the viscoelastic pad features friction zones that are covered with nubs.
  • The patellar corrective strap is embedded in the pad zone.
  • A special fabric weave that is gentle on the skin covers the critical popliteal area.
  • An expansion zone in the lower leg section makes it easier to put the support on and to take it off.

Mode of Action

  • The compression / decompression effect resulting from movement similar to a friction massage promotes the reduction of edema and reabsorption of effusions. This accelerates the healing process and leads to pain reduction in the medial capsular ligament area.
  • The stimulation of skin receptors and nerve endings in the muscle-tendon junction supports the neuro-myonal control system. This leads to a synchronization and activation of the muscles. The teardrop muscle is stimulated in particular. The tendon of the quadriceps femoris muscles is left free.
  • The integrated corrective strap counteracts patellar drifting.

Thigh circumference (15 cm above knee)

Lower leg circumference (15 cm below knee)

Size Guide

SizeThigh Circ.Calf Circ.
035- 38 cm25- 28 cm
138- 41 cm28- 31 cm
241- 44 cm31- 34 cm
344-47 cm34- 37 cm
447-50 cm37- 40 cm
550- 53 cm40- 43 cm
653- 56 cm43- 46 cm
756- 59 cm46-49 cm