Genu Therma Chondro Knee Support




Patellofemoral pain syndrome
Patellar tip syndrome (jumper’s knee)
Osgood-Schlatter disease


Relieves pressure on the patellar tendon insertion
Relieves pressure on the retropatellar joint surface
Can relieve pain


Slim patellar tendon support
High level of wearer comfort, especially well-suited for sports and everyday use
Adjustable patellar tendon strap
Optimum stabilisation of the patella and relief for the patellar tendon
Individually adjustable strap over the knee
Rotation of the support is prevented
Soft, flexible neoprene/SBR
Excellent compression and heat effect

Size Guide

Suitable for either left or right side

Size Guide

SIZE15cm Below Mid Patella
XXSmall29 – 32cm
XSmall32 – 35cm
Small35 – 38cm
Medium38 – 41cm
Large41 – 44cm
XLarge44 – 48cm
XXLarge48 – 51cm