Genu Neurexa Knee Support




Paresis of leg muscles resulting in hyperextensionof the knee, e.g. after Stroke, Intervertebral disc herniation in the lumbar spine, Peripheral nerve damage


Supports and stabilises the knee
Improves proprioception
Supports sensorimotor function
Prevents hyperextension
Promotes the reduction of oedemas and haematomas
Can relieve pain


Three-point principle, straps with guaranteed tensile strength, range of motion for splints can be limited, and/or continuously variable cross-strap against hyperextension
Counteracts hyperextension of the knee joint during the stance phase; hyperextension strap makes the brace suitable for gait training in therapy
Brace splint joints adjustable in 10° increments
Limits extension and flexion of the knee, resulting in pressure distribution, not limited to the hyperextension strap but can also be assumed by extension stops
Climate-regulating material
High acceptance and wearer comfort
Front closure
Several alternatives for applying the brace
Machine washable at 40°

Size guide

Suitable for either left or right side

Size Guide


SIZE15cm Below Mid Patella Circ.15cm Above Mid Patella Circ.
XSmall32 – 35cm38 – 42cm
Small35 – 38cm42 – 46cm
Medium38 – 41cm46 – 50cm
Large41 – 44cm50 – 54cm
XLarge44 – 48cm54 – 58cm