Genu Arexa Knee Brace




JULY ONLY £299.99. An operation is usually unavoidable after a ligament injury in the knee, such as tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament. The Genu Arexa knee brace optimally supports each phase of the healing process after surgery but also during conservative treatment without an operation. It not only prevents undesirable movements, but also restores your safety and confidence in your own mobility. Furthermore, it permits a controlled transition from your first steps after the operation to full weight bearing. The knee brace can also be worn at night and during physiotherapy exercises.

Why do doctors, O&P professionals and patients rely on the Genu Arexa? Because it is easy to use: its self-adapting plastic shells perfectly mould themselves to the shape of the user’s leg the first time the brace is worn, and numbered straps make it simpler to put on and take off. Plus, it features a user-oriented, multiple award-winning design and can be easily adapted without any tools.


  • Knee pain with severe or complex ligament laxity and/or severe feeling of instability, with the option to limit the range of motion
  • ACL and/or PCL rupture and reconstruction
  • Instability of the knee joint (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL)
  • Collateral ligament injuries
  • Stabilisation/limitation of movement after meniscus surgery
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Rheumatoid arthritis


  • Guides and stabilises the knee in all planes
  • Limits “anterior and posterior drawer sign”
  • Reduces collateral instability
  • Adjustable to limit the range of motion in extension and flexion (ROM): Flexion: 0°/10°/20°/30°/45°/60°/75°/90° Extension: 0°/10°/20°/30°/45°
  • Prevents hyperextension of the knee


  • Click-2-Go system
  • Extension and flexion limits easy to adjust without tools
  • Auto-adaptive plastic shells
  • Excellent adaptation to leg shape
  • Anatomically shaped shin pad can be adjusted in height if needed (e.g. after surgery)
  • Secure relief for the sensitive tibia region
  • Close-fitting frame made of high strength aluminium alloy
  • Highest stability and torsional stiffness for everyday activities
  • Applied from the front
  • Easy, pain-free application and removal even if movement is impaired

Size guide

  • Ordered as either left or right side
  • Thigh measurement taken 15cm above the centre of the knee

Size Guide

Right/ Left Small 32 – 37cm 39 – 46cm
Right/ Left Medium 37 – 41cm 46 – 53cm
Right/ Left Large 41 – 46cm 53 – 61cm
Right/ Left XLarge 46 – 50cm 61 – 69cm
Right/ Left XXLarge 50 – 56cm 69 – 79cm