Radial Gutter Fracture Brace With Boa





  • Stabilise fractures to the 2nd and/or 3rd metacarpal bones and the respective metacarpophalangeal joints of the hand. Radial gutter portion allows the caregiver to achieve greater than 70° of flexion at the metacarpal joints of the 2nd and 3rd digits.


  • Full hook-and-loop release ribbon allows for easier application
  • Dorsal hook-and-loop secure tab secures the over-lapping (top) portion of brace for better stability
  • Hook-and-loop straps across the web space and around the 2nd and 3rd digits can be attached anywhere to the brace surface for better stability
  • Trimmable finger section accommodates desired range of motion



Size Guide

Size Hand Circumference
X-Small 18.5- 20 cm
Small 20- 23 cm
Medium 23- 25.5 cm
Large 25.5- 28 cm
X-Large Above 28 cm