Extended Short Thumb Spica




  • Immobilises the base of the thumb and the interphalangeal joint to stabilise injuries to the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) (Gamekeeper’s thumb),
  • Fractures or avulsion injuries to the proximal first phalanx or distal first metacarpal,
  • Severe sprains of the thumb,
  • Arthritic conditions involving the metacarpophalangeal joint, or the interphalangeal joint.
  • May also be used to immobilise the thumb joints following surgical repairs and soft tissue injury.


  • Bivalve thumb opening accommodates swelling or dressings
  • Hook-and-loop contact closure



Size Guide


SizeHand Circumference
X-Small18.5- 20 cm
Small20- 23 cm
Medium23- 25.5 cm
Large25.5- 28 cm
X-LargeAbove 28 cm