Epi-Med Elbow Clasp



Mechanical relief of the tendon attachments to the lateral and medial epicondyles. Inlays of organic felt.

Epicondylitis is usually caused by repetitive compressions of the forearm musculature – some common contributors include:

  • Using heavy equipment or machinery, from hedge-shears to pneumatic drills.
  • Long term poor positioning of the arm when using a keyboard or sewing etc.
  • Playing sports like tennis, javelin, discus, fencing, golf and ball-throwing games.

Whilst it’s important to rest your injured arm and try to limit the activity that’s causing the problem, sometimes it’s just not practical to do so! Chances are, if you’re suffering from a forearm or elbow injury, it’s due to repetitive strain from something you regularly do – so if you need to carry on but don’t want to worsen your injury – the Epi-med is the perfect solution for you


Comfortable arm band that provides dual targeted pressure on inflamed tendons

Easy adjustment with Velcro fastening tabs

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