Dynacross Activity Back Brace



Thuasne Dynacross Activity Lumbar-Abdominal Belt

Whether you’re a professional athlete or you spend hours in front of a computer for work, suffering from lower back pain is all too common. It might seem as though there’s no alternative to painkillers, but the Thuasne Dynacross Activity Lumbar-Abdominal Belt provides you with a solution to your pain without you having to suffer from side effects.

Features and Benefits of the Dynacross Activity

Reinforced lumbar-abdominal support belt
Flexible support as a result of its flexible posterior reinforcement
Functional muscular stimulation at the rear
Has crossed elasticated bands
Helps prevent lower back pain from reoccurring
Can be worn next to skin all day long
Uses comfortable Combitex fabric
Double strapping for improved support
Available in six different sizes

Stimulates Your Muscles

Designed with crossed elasticated bands, the Lumbar-Abdominal Belt is able to provide you with functional muscular stimulation at the rear. This helps strengthen the muscles in the area to help prevent lower back pain from reoccurring.

Size Guide for the Lumbar-Abdominal Belt

Each belt has a height of 26cm to ensure you remain supported throughout use. To find out which size you need, measure the circumference of your waist level with your navel and check the table below.

Size Guide

SizeWaist Circumference
152-62 cm
263- 74 cm
375- 89 cm
490- 105 cm
5106- 120 cm
6121- 140 cm