Dyna Ankle Support



Dorsomedially shaped stability shell with integrated pronation position

The Dyna Ankle is designed to place your foot and ankle in a neutral position to prevent further injury and reduce pain, the Ottobock Ankle Support is perfect for the following injuries:


  • Conservative treatment of anterior talofibular and calcaneofibular ligament fractures in the ankle
  • Post-operative protection after ligament repair and ligament reconstruction
  • Post-operative protection after ligament repair and/or reconstruction
  • Ruptures of the deltoid ligament
  • Sprains
  • The Dyna Ankle can also provide support for mild foot drop


  • Places the foot in moderate pronation and dorsiflexion
  • Dynamic restraint continuously limits plantar flexion and supination
  • Limits rotation


  • Rigid stability shell with integrated pronation position.
  • To be applied immediately after injury, leaving the outside ankle free
  • Ice may be applied with the orthosis in place
  • Can be worn with a shoe, can also be worn bear foot and is supplied with an optional heel grip.
  • Can also be worn at night for safety
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean and hygienic

Dyna Ankle Instructions for use

Dyna Ankle Fitting Guide

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Available sizes

Shoe Size
35- 37
37- 39
39- 41
41- 44