Donjoy Back Brace II Postural Extension




The DonJoy Back Brace II Postural Extension provides spinal stabilisation through thoracic and lumbar support. Combining a patented, Dual mechanical Advantage pulley system with formable anterior and posterior panels, the Postural Extension brace encourages a lordotic lumbar posture and customises for individual patient anatomy.


  • Thoracic instability related to kyphosis,
  • Osteoporosis,
  • Compression fractures,
  • Post surgical care.


  • Formable anterior and posterior panels provide sagittal plane stability
  • Padded breathable material for enhanced patient comfort
  • Easy to use pull tabs customise the compression for each patient
  • Patented, Dual Mechanical Advantage pulley system allows the patient to quickly achieve adequate trunk compression



Size Guide

Size Back Plate height
Small/Medium 43 cm
Large/X-Large 48 cm