Cemen Thoracic Belt



Thuasne Cemen Thoracic Belt

Recovering from fractured ribs can be a long and painful journey, particularly if you aren’t using the correct support. The Thuasne Cemen Thoracic Belt has been designed with resistant elastic fabric to provide you with thoracic stability. This makes it ideal for use after surgery or after trauma to your ribs.

Features and Benefits of the Thoracic Support

Resistant elastic fabric supports and stabilises the area
Designed to provide thoracic support
Ideal for those with fractured ribs or those who need post-surgical support
Can be fastened easily
Adjustable as a result of its layered design
Helps immobilise the area
Can be hand washed in soapy water
Available in different heights (18 or 25cm)
Supplied with a length of either 125 or 250cm
Accommodates to a range of different body types and shapes
Available in four different sizes so you can find your perfect fit

Indications for the Cemen Thoracic Belt

The Thuasne Thoracic Belt has been designed to help with the following conditions:
Fractured ribs
Post-surgical support
Resistant Elastic Fabric
Thuasne’s Thoracic Belt has been created with resistant, elastic fabric to ensure you’re provided with support and stability where you need it most. The fabric accommodates a range of different sizes and body shapes without compressing the chest to such an extent that it causes more harm than good.

Sizing of the Thuasne Cemen Support

Thuasne’s Cemen Support has been created in four different sizes. Simply measure the circumference of your bust, passing under your armpits at the widest point. Check the table below to find out which size is most suitable for you.

Size Guide

Small18 x 125cm
Medium25 x 125cm
Large18 x 250cm
XLarge25 x 250cm