Cemen Thoracic Bandage



Thuasne Cemen Thoracic Bandage

Fractured ribs are usually caused by a fall or blow to the chest, and these traumatic situations can happen to anyone. The Thuasne Cemen Thoracic Bandage helps stabilise and support the area after you’ve fractured your ribs and should be wrapped around your chest to splint and immobilise the region.

Key Features and Benefits

Provides high support for fractured ribs
Made from elastic fabric to compress and stabilise area
Can be worn underneath most clothes
Has a Velcro closure for easy fastening
Inconspicuous cream-coloured bandage
Helps splint and immobilise the area
Remains snug against your skin for additional support
Can be purchased with a height of either 18 or 25cm
Available with a length of either 125 or 250cm
Available in four different sizes


The Cemen Thoracic Bandage has been designed for the following condition:
Fractured ribs
Elastic Fabric
Made with elastic fabric, the Thuasne Cemen Bandage provides high support. As compression wraps prevent you from breathing deeply, elastic bandages are recommended to help stabilise the area. The bandage has Velcro closures so you can adjust its tightness.
Figure-Hugging Support
The Thoracic Bandage has been created to ensure it immobilises the area so has been designed to remain snug against your skin. This means the support can be worn underneath most clothes and won’t be noticeable. As the bandage is cream coloured, it’s extremely inconspicuous so you can go about your daily life as normal.

Sizing of the Thuasne Cemen Bandage

The Cemen Thoracic Bandage is available with different heights and lengths according to your needs

Size Guide

Small18 x 125cm
Medium25 x 125cm
Large18 x 250cm
XLarge25 x 250cm