Aircast Airsport+ Ankle Support



Similar to the Aircast Airsport ankle support, the Aircast Airsport+ ankle support is designed to support current mild injuries to the ankle such as sprains and preventing further injury by providing support, compression and comfort to add stability to the ankle joint. It provides this support through a semi-rigid shell that provides stability to the ankle joint, with the foam-filled aircell cushions to provide comfortable compression. The support is held in place with rear straps and an ATOP lacing system which twists tight to provide uniform compression without pressure points, it also provides an easy step into application to reduce the pain of putting a support on. The Airsport+ is perfect for getting you back to exercise whilst providing the necessary support to healing and slightly weak ankles to prevent further sprains and rolling of the ankle. Other uses for the Airsport ankle support are post-operative care and long term instability of the ankle to improve ankle support without large restrictions on movement such using it after the removal of a walker boot from a fracture to allow movement of the foot whilst the ankle strength improves.


  • Acute ankle sprain, post-operative (tendon rupture and ankle fracture), chronic instability, prophylaxis.


  • ATOP/MOZ lacing system provides adjustable, uniform compression without creating pressure points
  • Foam-filled aircell cushions which support the ankle
  • Semi-rigid encased shell offers proven Air-Stirrup support
  • Anterior cross strap and forefoot wrap provides additional compression and stability to the joint
  • Latex free



Size Guide

SizeUK Shoe Size
X-SmallUnder size 3
SmallSizes 3- 5.5
MediumSizes 5.5- 8
LargeSizes 8- 13
X-LargeAbove Size 13