AirLoc Ankle Stabiliser





The AirLoc stabilizing orthosis stabilizes the outer capsular ligaments of the upper ankle. It thus counteracts ankle twisting. AirLoc consists of anatomically contoured, elastic plastic shells with an integral air bladder system. The inflatable cushions exert an intermittent compression massage on the tissue around the ankle and guarantee maximum wearing comfort. The plastic shells are anatomically contoured and therefore fit the foot comfortably. Inflatable air cushions allow the orthosis to be adjusted to the degree of swelling.


  • Treatment of (acute) capsular ligament injuries of the ankle
  • Early functional / non-surgical treatment of ankle injuries (e. g. after sprained ankle and ligament rupture)
  • Post-operative recovery /protection (e. g. after ligament suture / repair / reconstruction)
  • Chronic ligament insufficiency/instability
  • Relapse prevention


  • AirLoc is an ankle orthosis incorporating an elastic shell connection. This facilitates optimal adaptation to the individual foot width and the degree of swelling.
  • The plastic shells are anatomically contoured and therefore fit the ankle comfortably.
  • Patient-friendly fitting with four individually adjustable Velcro straps.
  • Individually inflatable air cushions facilitate very close fitting for the respective degree of swelling.
  • The AirLoc system provides a high degree of stabilization for the ankle and is particularly suitable for acute care.
  • The streamlined shell design offers advantages when the shell is worn inside a shoe.
  • AirLoc is available in one universal size for the right and left foot.

Mode of Action

  • The orthosis supports the sensorimotor function to counteract ankle twisting.
  • The orthosis stabilizes the lateral capsular ligaments of the upper ankle, particularly when used in combination with a shoe.

Size guide

Universal size


As with all of our supports and braces we recommend a gradual wearing in period to improve your comfort as you get used to the orthosis. If you have any further questions please contact us on 07751 370949, or email one of our clinicians at