Agilium Softfit knee brace



Ottobock’s Agilium portfolio is designed to support patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA) for everyday use, recreational activities, and sports. The Agilium Softfit is a single upright knee orthosis with a textile base body for patients with unicompartmental knee OA. It applies a corrective force both varus and valgus knee types, the strength of which can be easily adjusted with an allen wrench to change the angle of the orthosis. It does this whilst remaining inconspicuous under loose clothing so that the support can be worn throughout the day.

Features and Benefits

  • Proven three-point pressure system causes direct knee offloading and reduces pain
  • Adjustable bars for quick and straight forward fitting to treat both varus and valgus types
  • Comfortable, slim design and patented vect material ensures firm fit without slipping
  • Easy to don and doff by the patient themselves
  • Suitable for sports
  • High level of wearer comfort
  • Removable straps and splint which can be handwashed


  • Medial or lateral unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis.
Agilium Soft Fit PDF
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As with all of our supports and braces we recommend a gradual wearing in period to improve your comfort as you get used to the orthosis. If you have any further questions please contact us on 07751 370949, or email one of our clinicians at

Size Guide

SizeCircumference around calf (15cm below middle of the knee) (A)Circumference around thigh (15cm above middle of the knee) (B)
Small35-38 cm44-48 cm
Medium38-41 cm48-52 cm
Large41-44 cm52-56 cm
X-Large44-48 cm56-61 cm
XX-Large48-51cm61-67 cm