Agilium Patella Realignment Brace



The Agilium Patella can help to relieve pain in case of retropatellar osteoarthritis, the term used to describe wear and tear to the back surface of the kneecap. With its combination of a fabric body, stabilising elements and dynamic realignment technology (a spring mechanism which ensures correct tracking of the kneecap), the Agilium Patella centres the kneecap with precision. Excessive strain is no longer placed on the joint cartilage, and pressure behind the kneecap is demonstrably reduced.


  • Retropatellar osteoarthritis


  • Dynamically realigns the patella at the relevant flexion angle
  • Reduces patellar lateralisation
  • Relieves pressure on the patella
  • Relieves the knee and activates musculature
  • Improves proprioception
  • Supports sensorimotor function
  • Improves blood flow
  • Promotes the reduction of oedemas and haematomas
  • Can relieve pain


  • Padded patella support
  • High level of wearer comfort even for users with a sensitive patella
  • Dynamic patellar realignment
  • Precise patellar tracking at all relevant flexion angles
  • Hook-and-loop and ratchet settings can be adjusted to each individual patient’s requirements
  • Close-fitting, inconspicuous and lightweight design
  • Easy to wear under clothing, highly suitable for everyday use
  • Quick-release closures and donning aids
  • Easy to apply and breathable textile material with unique Vector-Grip effect
  • High level of wearer comfort without slipping
  • Initial adaptation in a few steps
  • Quick and easy to adjust

Agilium Range PDF

Size Guide

lower leg circumference= measure 15cm below knee

Thigh circumference=measure 15cm above knee

SizeLower leg circumferenceThigh circumference
X-Small32-35cm (12.6-13.8 inches)40-44 cm (15.8-17.3 inches)
Small35-38 cm (13.8-15 inches)44-48 cm (17.3-18.9 inches)
Medium38-41 cm (15-16.1 inches)48-52 cm (18.9-20.5 inches)
Large41-44 cm (16.1-17.3 inches)52-56 cm (20.5-22 inches)
X-Large44-48 cm (17.3-18.9 inches)56-61 cm (22-24 inches)
XX-Large48-52 cm (18.9-20.5 inches)61-65 cm (24-25.6inches)