Achillotrain Ankle Support For The Achillies Tendon





  • Achillodynia (tendinosis, paratendinitis, Achilles tendon bursitis)
  • Haglund’s deformity
  • Chronic, post-traumatic or post-operative irritation (e. g. in the case of Achilles tendon ruptures)


  • Highly elastic knit made from breathable material ensures effective compression and excellent wearing comfort
  • The active knitted support is anatomically contoured for maximum comfort
  • The integrated tendon pad is viscoelastic and anatomically contoured
  • A removable heel wedge is integrated into the support
  • A separate heel cushion is also provided for the unaffected leg to offset the length difference
  • Donning aid included

Mode of action

  • The profile insert pad runs alongside the Achilles tendon to produce uniform application of pressure and a local massage effect during movement
  • This mode of action improves metabolism locally and reduces oedema
  • The integrated viscoelastic heel wedge raises the heel (approx. 6 mm) to relieve the Achilles tendon
  • Coordinated muscle control is assisted via the effect on proprioception

Size Guide

Size Ankle circumference
1 17-19cm
2 19-21 cm
3 21-23cm
4 23-25 cm
5 25-27 cm
6 27-29 cm